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Cabañas Palafitos los Pescadores

Address: n/a, Castro

On the beautiful peninsula Nercón, five minutes south of Castro, on a quiet bend of the canal is a series of four palafitos. These are characterised by traditional construction styles. You are given a chance to relive old times with the comforts of the modern world.

Moreover, you will have the pleasure of relaxing by the sea. This place is five minutes from Castro by car and you can stroll about and admire the beauty of the fjord.

The hotel is just a 45-minute walk from the centre of the city of Castro. A palafito is a house that is supported by pillars or simple stakes, usually placed on calm water bodies such as lakes, ponds and pipes.


The hotel is five minutes from Castro by car and, if you want to stroll and admire the beauty of the fjord, its just a 45-minute walk that separate the hotel from the center of the city of Castro.


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Hotel Address: n/a, Castro

Getting there (local language)

Se puede llegar en coche, hacia el sur de Castro por la Ruta 5, observará un gran letrero con el nombre del alojamiento en el lado derecho del camino, que marca la entrada del camino de tierra situado en el lado izquierdo de éste, que conduce a las cabañas (el letrero esta a 5 kilómetros de Castro), tome el camino por 3 minutos hasta llegar a la final del mismo y la entrada cabañas. También puede tomar el autobús de servicio regular (no olvide decirle al conductor que debe bajar en Palafitos Cabañas los Pescadores en Nercón). Una vez que baje, es un 5 minutos a pie por el camino. Si llueve o está llevando mucho equipaje, puede tomar un taxi (por dos mil pesos), que le llevarán a la entrada de las cabañas.

Getting there

You can get here by car, heading south from Castro through Route 5 (Ruta 5), you will notice a big sign with the accommodation's name on the right side of the road, which marks the entrance to the dirt road located at the left side that leads to the cabins (it is 5 kilometres form Castro), take it for 3 minutes until you reach the very end of it and the cabins entrance. You can also take the regular service bus (remember to tell the bus driver that you need to get off at Cabañas Palafitos los Pescadores in Nercón). Once you get off, it is a 5-minute walk down the road. If it is raining or you are carrying too much luggage, you can take a taxi (for two thousand pesos) which will deliver you to the cabins' entrance.

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